- We are working with some of the biggest companies in Europe that are dealing with these types of products. Their names and brands they have are well known on the market and working with them is of great pleasure for us. We keep constant contact with them by phone, email, direct visits and international food fairs (“Anuga” – Koln, Germany and “Sial” – Paris, France) so that we are updated with their needs for better quality products.

Raw Material Suppliers

- These are companies and individuals that supply us with the raw material for producing the frozen fruits and vegetables. We keep a very close relationship with them knowing the fact that if you have high quality raw material you will have high quality end product. We meet occasionally before and during the season of each product so as to be involved in the process of growing and collection in order to get the best quality.

Transport Companies

- The transportation is a crucial point where we pay much attention so that all the deliveries for our customers are done on time and with the right temperature. We work with transport companies that have insurance of their thermographs because keeping the product below -18C during their way to our customers plays a huge role for the quality of the products.